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Welcome to TheFloor,
A platform to empower trading community.
We are Hiring Now!

TheFloor is a platform crafted to offer job opportunities and solutions tailored for the trading community. With the rise of International Futures & Forex Prop Firms revolutionizing the trading landscape, we serve as a gateway for undercapitalized traders seeking to thrive in this industry. Through our Execution Trader Program, we furnish job seekers with the necessary tools to embark on a successful trading career. Simultaneously, we empower aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with the infrastructure and resources needed to establish their own prop trading ventures.

Execution Trader Program

The Execution Trader Program is crafted with a human touch integrating a range of courses and training sessions curated by industry leaders and mentors. It's designed to cater to individuals at different levels of expertise, ensuring a personalized learning experience. What sets it apart is its unique promise: upon signing up, participants are not only equipped with valuable skills but are also offered a job opportunity, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for their career growth.

A renowned international futures and forex proprietary firm has introduced a solution to tackle undercapitalization in the trading industry. Now, you can begin trading with their simulated capital, allowing you to earn actual profits of up to 80% without putting your own capital at risk. Contact us for further details.

Prop Trading Business

This program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to master the art of becoming a process-oriented trader. Upon enrollment in the Executive Trader Program, you not only gain valuable skills but also secure guaranteed employment simultaneously.

ET Program

The significance of Execution Trader Program

The Execution Trader Program represents a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering employment opportunities within the dynamic trading community. This comprehensive program is meticulously designed to equip participants with an in-depth understanding of both international and Indian markets. Through rigorous training modules, you'll delve into the intricacies of technical and fundamental analysis, gaining invaluable insights into market dynamics.


Moreover, the program places a strong emphasis on nurturing essential skills such as trading psychology and the art of crafting effective trading plans. By immersing yourself in these aspects, you'll develop a resilient mindset and strategic approach essential for success in the fast-paced world of trading.


One of the key highlights of the program is the guidance provided by seasoned educators and trainers who bring a wealth of experience to the table. Their expertise will not only sharpen your proficiency in navigating international trading platforms but also refine your execution strategies, ensuring optimal outcomes.


Importantly, the program doesn't merely promise theoretical knowledge but guarantees tangible employment opportunities for its graduates. By honing your skills and adopting a process-oriented mindset, you'll not only secure employment but also carve a niche for yourself as a proficient and disciplined trader.


In essence, the Execution Trader Program is not just about selling a product—it's a transformative journey aimed at empowering individuals within the trading community. Join us today and embark on a path towards realizing your full potential as a trader.

thefloor- A Traders Wellness Sanctuary 

Additionally, the floor extends around-the-clock IT and office infrastructure, facilitating seamless trading across diverse markets and time zones.


The floor serves as a comprehensive platform, furnishing traders with essential resources such as capital access, collaborative teams, advanced charting tools, and cutting-edge algorithms

Tools & Resources

By utilizing our trading desks, traders can operate efficiently and effectively, enhancing their potential for success in the markets. Join us to access a professional setting that empowers your trading journey

Trading Desk

A self-contained ecosystem that cultivates successful proprietary trading businesses. By providing a cohesive blend of resources, education, and support, it fosters an environment where traders can thrive and build profitable ventures.


In tandem with facilitating business setup, the floor offers comprehensive training and education right on the trading floor through a variety of modes.

Training & Education

The Floor - All Access


Process development is paramount in the trading industry. We specialize in crafting bespoke processes tailored to our clients' trading endeavors. These processes integrate risk management, psychology and trading plans, ensuring a systematic approach. Our focus is on achieving outcome-driven profitability through meticulous process implementation.

Trading Desk

We offer a complete trading setup featuring a professional desk, high-powered PC with dual monitors, subscribed charting tools, essential resources, and access to all floor amenities and infrastructure in association with our managed space providers.


We furnish all essential resources necessary to jumpstart your trading venture, including trading plans, processes, risk management statistics  and a dedicated team.

"If your goal is to trade like a professional and be a consistent winner, then you must start from the premise that the solutions are in your mind and not in the market"​

Mark Douglas

Author - Trading in The Zone 

Traders are a breed apart

They  deserve this floor

The perfect space should provide hassle-free parking, robust security, and immediate access to emergency medical facilities. It's not just a trading floor; it's a comprehensive environment where professional and personal needs are seamlessly met

A hygiene-focused environment, ensuring abundant fresh air and sunlight, coupled with 24-hour accessibility, is pivotal to accommodating various global trading schedules and fostering a conducive, well-rounded working atmosphere.

As traders, they  desire a holistic workspace that extends beyond the traditional trading desk, offering a place where we can stroll, enjoy a coffee break, and immerse ourselves in continuous learning within a library.

Our Clients

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